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FAQs & Shipping Policies

Can I change my delivery address after I place my order?

Please contact us if you want to change your delivery address after you put in your order. Delivery services can’t accept address changes from customers, but if possible, we will gladly amend or change the delivery address.


Can I change the date of delivery?

If the tires are already in transit we cannot change the delivery date as the courier company has already independently planned their own delivery route, date and times. (Check if it’s possible for a neighbour to accept the goods on your behalf.) If there is nobody to accept the goods when the courier company arrives, they will leave a note with a telephone number asking you to call and arrange a new delivery date.


Can I pick up the tires myself from your warehouse?

Yes, you may arrange pick up at our warehouse. Please call 1-401-298-9819 to check availability at nearest warehouse to your location.


Do you deliver to other countries too?

 At this moment, we do not ship internationally.

How do I find out exactly when the goods will be delivered?

As soon as we ship the tires, you will receive an e-mail from us informing you of the estimated date of delivery. We will also provide a tracking number or pro-number, so you may independently track your shipment on the carrier’s website.


How do you deliver and what happens if I’m not at home?

We use the freight companies to deliver the goods. Our online service will always send you notification of dispatch by e-mail. This e-mail will be your invoice and will also state the estimated delivery date. If you are not home at time of delivery, the carrier will leave notice and arrange another delivery time.


Is it possible to have the tires delivered to another, alternative address?

We can deliver to any address in USA via internet sales: to the customer’s home address or to any other alternative address such as a local service provider.


What happens if the courier company doesn’t deliver or damages the tires?

If the freight company loses or damages the goods, we request that you send us notification non-delivery or refuse receipt of damaged goods by carrier. Let us know either by calling 401-298-9819 or email We will replace the tires as quickly as possible.


What happens if there is a delay in delivery?

If, for any reason, there is a manufacturer supply shortage for the tires you ordered, we will inform you immediately and suggest an alternative solution.


Where will the tires be delivered to?

During the ordering process you will be asked to supply a commercial delivery address. This can differ from the billing address you provide. If you cannot or do not want to accept the tires at your home address you can have them sent to another, separate address (the delivery address). The invoice, however, will always be sent to the billing address. You can choose whatever address you like for your delivery address. This could be your local garage, vehicle repair centre or local service provider.


Who will deliver the tires?

AMERICAN TIRE SUPPLIER employs an array of freight carriers to deliver tires. Different carriers specialize in different lanes or geographical areas, as well as type of cargo. We will notify you of the carrier upon shipment and will provide a pro-number or tracking number to allow you to independently track your tires directly with the nominated carrier.

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